Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Music Lessons in BFRV Las Pinas City

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Into Sadness

Enter the world of the unknown,
With each day sadness is shown;
Pain and loniness has deepen,
Unexpectedly it happened.

Imagine the world of emptiness,
With such sorrow of loniness;
Pursuing not thou sweet happiness,
The heart became numbness.

My heart is weeping of melchancoly,
There is also a touch of agony;
Cannot stop the tears from falling,
Hope that joy will knock in yearning.

The body is now experiencing illness,
The soul is searching for happiness;
The mind is dictating the heart to be glee,
But my heart is crying into its knees.

Time heals all wounds as the saying goes,
Everything will come into past and knows;
Learning from the mistakes the hard way,
Forgiveness has to start someday.

Into sadness I am in the present,
But this is not my intent;
Depression is not likely to be,
Love and joy, shall I compare to thee?

A smile on my face will be coming soon,
Just like the sun will rise like the moon;
Until then, this is what I shall do,
I will let thee go and face alone my bleu.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Random Thoughts in September 2016

        Many things happened for the passed years or so. There is no temporary in this world. Change is really constant in this fast changing world that we live in even in our small world with our surroundings. 

      Let us examine first our external surroundings. From global to local. We cannot fight Mother Nature for natural calamities such earthquakes and typhoons. We can fight terrorism and illegal drugs where the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is trying to do. News from in and out of the country is either good news or bad news. However, most of the me its not so good news. 

         Now, in the internal ones. Trying to adjust in the events of daily life. From the day to day basis of family, work and endless activities. Therefore, life is a constant and endless adjustments in our life, environment and the people around us.

          This is just a random thoughts. Hoping to shout out of the emotions and ideas that is bursting to come out. In this way, writing is one passion that will provide some goodness in us. Let us try to write them accordingly. Happy reading and writing everyone.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Comeback to Writing (2015)

     As of today, life has turned with much of a blessings. Blessings are not just happy moments but also learning to deal with life itself. Discovering that there are much more than activities to do in our daily lives. Money is not the issue but it will come in due time.
      Last summer, decided to study my Masters degree in Music Education. It is kind of a under shock at first. It has been ages since, I put pressure in studying things particularly in my first love which is music. Then, a year ago I wrote some music articles as a contributing writer in a magazine in the cultural column for music. Dreams do come true. Next, decided to be a part time music high school teacher for the junior high school level plus a choir moderator in the high school choir. Then, arranging for some mass songs, as a choir master for two church choirs. There are plenty of choir practice and the liturgical year is an interesting to do. As a performer, accompanist and piano teacher, music has a great impact with the music performance and teaching strategies goes with these activities. 
      Finally, I feel that now is the time to provide a 100% to make dreams into reality and sharing God's gifts and talents in this world. I know something that a person can make a difference especially if you love what you are doing. 
      Until the next blog update.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life is a Metamorphosis

When learning how to drive is knowing the car itself. The interior and the exterior of a simple car. Furthermore, having an expensive car like Ferrari. If the car is is in manual stick-shift, one must know the first gear, second gear, third gear and the fourth gear. Sometimes, knowing if there is another faster gear.Then, the experience of the amazing death race of one's life in driving. From learning how to drive and practicing it almost every day, an individual is ready for a test drive and into the journey of a long road trip both being offensive and defensive driver. The road of dreams to the unknown will be an adventure.

The story above is a related to many stories to us such topics like studying our academic excellence to pursue the dream career, reaching to the corporate ladder to the road of fame and being famous, or until the end of the road which is in reality is just waiting there silently like a thief.

We take our life as baby steps at a time. Finishing one's track in education, having a prestigious career and the world is in your hands. However, you will see that this is not a good life. There is a the not so good at all. Seeing the deception and not knowing anymore what is right and wrong especially in business. The idealism of everything is fine is just an illusion. The fact of reality is that in dealing the only path where everything is for the business without principles.

Some people changed their career but it is not an easy to the transition and to the fear of the unknown is unpredictable. From a well paying job of fame and fortune, to the adjustment of a simple things of having that kind of a career path. Often times, asking the right questions to the elders for their wisdom will provide us the view of living it right, simple and meaningful.

As man's nature is in the destructive side. Still, we have hope for a good challenge of adventure. Require to have all senses in the picture, a dash of emotions and more on the alertness of intellect in analyzing the environment before having that decision. Wishing for a better life and living it to the fullest. 

There is hope for us all. Feelings does not help at all. A need to think is better than reacting to the situation at hand. Therefore, we could take that road trip with a conscience of a simple but more improve life with a purpose. There is a plan for all of us. Have faith and believe that we can make a difference. We only live this life only once, just like a cycle of a butterfly, the journey of flight in life.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nothing is Ever What It Seems

        There was once a woman who loved someone with all her heart and soul. Praying that someday this man of her dreams will also feel the same way. However, one day, the dream came through. This man declared his love to her and woe her. One thing lead to another that they became a couple, even if only for a short while. In time, the true colors of this man that she loved was not meant to be. A broken heart came crashing through to her veins until this dream of love went to the darkness of nightmare. Despair and sadness overwhelmed to the entire being of this woman. Depression that may lead to a tragic ending.

Typical. Life is most of the time is "Nothing is Ever What It Seems." In this short story as an example above, even in work, relationships or the people around us, we could always relate ourselves in this quotation. In reality, it means that we should not take things we see, hear, taste, touch, smell or our senses at face value. We must really know people's actions and their true intentions in our lives for having the essence of evidence that falls flat on our faces. In other words, the explanation that everything can't be absolutely trusted at face value. 

We try to look at things differently. However, people do not trust easily. Maybe because of our nature of being destructive and to destroy whatever is in our path even gravely hurt people in our expense. Lucky, we, the Filipinos, have the sense of values in our hearts and that we fear the consequences of our actions. That is why some people react in what we acted on a particular situation. Sometimes, we have to rely both on our instincts and intuition for the right decision for alertness and never let our guard down. Or else, our weaknesses will lead us in bad judgement. 

In conclusion, "Nothing is Ever What It Seems" in life and that we could always pray for the good things that will happen in the future. There will always be KARMA.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Have you ever heard that the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Actually, our parents and grandparents are absolutely correct. Scientifically, the food that we eat is the main source of energy or that fuel our bodies and thus, not to have a grumpy bad day in the entire day. Remember that breakfast is defined as breaking the fast from our usual sleeping hours where our whole body needs to rejuvenate from the previous night.   

It is a fact and not a fiction that we encounter sometimes or most of the time, having a bad day if we did not have sufficient breakfast in our bodies. The fact that breakfast has an effect on the metabolism rate in burning our calories especially in the morning which provides us of having a good or even a great day ahead of us. However, if we skip breakfast, our body tells us in the next meal which is a snack or lunch time will try to process the food consumption longer onto those nutrients like calories where they will not burn right away. That is why, either a person will get sick such as ulcer or the feeling of laziness that will tend to slow down your mind and body. Also, studies shown that skipping breakfast will gain more in the the body weight because the consumption of food will increase to suffice the hunger. Likewise, in knowing this, it will lead to having a bad day especially for a woman.

So when you wake up, listen to your body. You will always have time to eat breakfast. It does not hurt that much. All in all, remind yourself to eat breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca is literally "whore's style spaghetti" in Italian. However, they want to eat this dish because it is inexpensive to cook Puttanesca. Somehow, this Italian pasta dish is a tangy, somewhat salty in taste. This dish is invented in the mid-20th century in South Italy. Basically, the ingredients are spaghetti, anchovies, tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers and garlic as you can see in the picture above.

This weekend, I cooked Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. I cannot go out due to the continuous heavy rains. Thanks to Typhoon Odette.

This Southern Italian cuisine, Spaghetti alla Puttanesca is typical to eat with white or red wine. If you desire having to have a light cheese afterwards to finish the wine. Buon appetito or bon app├ętit and in otherwords in English "have a good appetite" everyone.